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sage intacct review

Sage Intacct consistently delivers the highest levels of client satisfaction and success. We take pride in our Buy with ConfidenceSM program, which shows our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Best cloud based financial solution for small and medium size organizations. Having number of options to customize the software according to the requirements, makes Intacct an appropriate solution for different types of businesses. However, Intacct isn’t a great fit for smaller businesses due to implementation and annual subscription fees.

If you have an accounting department that can take advantage of Sage Intacct’s advanced features, it may be well worth the investment. We recommend it for medium-sized organizations with complex financial tasks. Businesses with no complex transactions will find it too much for their needs. For easy-to-use accounting software, our choice would be QuickBooks Online Plus. Intacct is a great solution for the small to mid- market business. Intacct is an excellent cloud based accounting software that is easy to use and is diverse in it’s ability to be used by a wide variety of industries.

Sage Intacct reviews

But if you’re a midsize company doing business overseas or engaging in complex transactions, Sage Intacct is the ideal software for you. Sage Intacct’s strength is multicompany accounting and multicurrency management. These features become extremely useful if you conduct transactions outside the United States and pay in foreign currency. There are several dashboards included in Sage Intacct.

How many companies use Sage Intacct?

Customers of Sage Intacct

Around the world in 2023, over 2632 companies have started using Sage Intacct as Accounting tool.

As an example, in the General Ledger, selecting “Overview” brings up a dashboard with three horizontal boxes labeled “Data,” “Tasks,” and “Reports” with a workflow laid out for each of these segments. We are a very tough type of company with very hard financials. Our CEO and CFO have always asked for things that required a lot of manual manipulation, but now that we have Intacct, we are able to create the reports they want and send them out with ease. We are so happy that we’ve made the switch to Intacct.

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The first left-most set of numbers would be the top-most account description (such as 1000 being cash in banks, for example). This is followed by several sets of subaccounts defining multiple accounts rolled up into the major account, with further numerical segments for location, division, and other delineations. Many of the apps I reviewed had up to 10 definable account segments. In our feature comparison of Infor vs. Sage Intacct, Infor offers more of the most popular features and tools than Sage Intacct.

sage intacct review

He has been performing reviews for PCMag since the 1990s. Almost none of the general ledger apps I reviewed are available directly from the vendor. They sell through the reseller channel for two reasons.

The Real-World Price

We like Sage Intacct for its multi-entity financial reporting, powerful integrations, and industry-specific services. For example, Intacct offers out-of-the-box functionality, from comprehensive fund accounting to healthcare financial management. You can also integrate add-ons for customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking, eCommerce, and more. With features that help businesses automate workflows and revamp their financial management strategies, Sage Intacct offers more than your standard accounting software product. It lets you customize approval workflows, establish spending limits for different departments and locations and automate fixed asset management, among other things. The system can also accommodate businesses with multiple locations across the world by handling currency conversions and local tax reporting.

  • Sage Intacct is software for mid and large-scale businesses needing more advanced accounting features, such as revenue recognition, allocation, and expense matching.
  • Pricing for these integrations is usually charged on a monthly basis per employee.
  • Great capability to run custom reports and analyze projects by time/cost/employee.
  • I like how users cannot force things to work like in QuickBooks.
  • When you enter a bill, you’ll need to fill in vendor information and view the posting details.
  • PCMag supports Group Black and its mission to increase greater diversity in media voices and media ownerships.

I usually end up exporting a couple reports and using Excel to get the information I need. Sometimes the online user help information is hard to follow. Intacct does not provide a presentable format when exporting a financial report into MS Excel. The software updates that affect the applications layout and re-arrangement of command buttons. My company seems to have trouble reconciling the differences between what the management is seeing behind the scenes vs what the user gets when they pull a report.

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Product reviews help the rest of us make great decisions. Based on an aggregate of Sage Intacct reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst. We are a worldwide company with offices in 50 countries. The ability of having 50 entities all link to one software and being able to reconcile is amazing. I use Intacct to submit all of the expense and purchasing transactions for my office. I like A/P module, the duplicate function could save a lot of time when enter bills.

sage intacct review

Help your peers make the right decisions by sharing your product experience with them. It was an exceptional learning for us that assessment of the software prior to buying is a crucial feature. It also comes with a mobile version so you can take it and go wherever you go. Increase of add-ons causes the system to be slower, despite the wonderful customization ability, out of the box customization won’t perform everything you might require.

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They will highly recommend more complete inventory packages that interface well with the Intacct software. I like that you can scan and attach documents for backup on expense reports. Our accounting office isn’t located at our warehouse, so it makes it easier to get employee expenses paid out quickly and efficiently. It gets the basics done as any other solution would, but it’s not incredibly robust, and some of the navigation is clunky.

  • That’s not to say that in-house config is impossible.
  • We moved from Dynamics GP to Intacct almost 2 years ago and love its ease of use and reporting capabilities.
  • I usually end up exporting a couple reports and using Excel to get the information I need.
  • I have never had an implementation go smoother in such a short period of time.
  • Also, there is very little customization around check printing.

G2 Crowd has long been recognized as one of the leading review platforms that empower business buying decisions by highlighting the true voice of real customers. Anyone with multiple locations will benefit from this platform. With some experience, the reports are extremely customizable to your exact needs as well. Delivered over the Internet via the Cloud, Sage Intacct dramatically reduces IT and operating costs and delivers a far lower total cost of ownership than client-server financial software. It’s all cloud based so I don’t need to rely on having access to anything else. Intacct is a one stop, interactive accounting tool that helps streamline and organize as business’ revenue and expenses.

User-friendly cloud-based accounting software that provides users the ability to manage their business from just about anywhere. From the General Ledger to their Cash Management applications, Intacct has become a critical tool for the success of our company. In addition to the CFO Dashboard, there are role-based dashboards for project managers, controllers, A/P accountants, and accounts receivable (A/R) accountants.

  • Likewise, there’s additional revealing measurements and an unbending diagram of records so the clients can’t make their own records.
  • The report module is getting better with each new release.
  • The application looks, feels, and operates very similarly to NetSuite overall, and was also designed from the get-go as a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application.
  • Quotes are based on user count, user access level, and module requirements.
  • Wonderful accounting program for a small to mid-sized business, especially non-profits.
  • This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.

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